Do you fight forest fires? Would you like to fight fires on an engine this summer? Do you have your red card?

We are NOW HIRING Experienced and Entry Level Firefighters for 2019 summer fire engine duty


Classes and pack testing dates will be posted soon for the 2019 summer firefighting season.


We are looking for entry level and qualified hard-working individuals with a desire to learn about fighting fires on an engine and experience the 2019 wildfire season that is around the corner. The company we are hiring for is a well known outfit that provides Type-6 firefighting apparatus under contract for wildland and forest fire incidents in the Pacific Northwest. We have approximately 8 slots available for firefighter level positions, and one slot for Engine Boss position. We are interested in entry level and experienced FFT-2 and FFT-1 firefighters with verifiable qualifications and task books/certificates. We are currently hiring for ONE Engine Boss position, and will happily accept resumes/applications for that position.


Benefits of working for our company:


*We offer competitive wages- Entry level hourly $11.25 + $4.41 = $15.66 per hour. For experienced FFT-1 qualified firefighters, we offer $15.00 + $4.41 = $19.41 per hour to start.


*We have opportunities to advance for the right leadership-driven individuals.


*You work with two other employees on fire engines, so your needs are generally much better addressed and less militarized than would usually occur on a typical 20-person hand crew.


*We have opportunities for employment and training as a raft guide (to add to your summer employment profit) when working for our company. This is a unique benefit for firefighting.


*Free guided raft trips will be available to employees and their family, when not fighting fire.


*The owner of the company is a genuinely good person who cares about his employees and will do whatever he has to in order to take care of his people. He's a good person to work for, which can actually be quite difficult to find in the private firefighting industry. In addition to owning a successful firefighting company, long-time rafting company, and well-known mini-mart, the company owner is also a fire chief. He knows his business and fire well, which is a valuable benefit to have as our primary leadership.


Requirements when working on our engines this summer:


*Must able and willing to travel to Maupin Oregon for fire dispatch within three hours notice. This is an on-call position and we need you available and within cell phone signal during the summer months. You may also be required to attend training in Maupin on your time, in order to qualify as a firefighter. Location and time of training is currently undetermined, until we have individuals to fill the class.


*Must be willing to live in a tent while being away from home, family, internet, civilization, fast food, alcohol, and pot for up to 30 days at a time. Seriously. You must have a good attitude while doing this. Individuals not actively working for us are expected to be available on-call (reachable via cell phone), as firefighters do for dispatch.


*You cannot use illegal drugs at all (working or not), and we will randomly test for them if suspected.


*You cannot use firefighting as a means of detox from drugs or alcohol abuse. We've seen it before with other companies- but it is strictly unacceptable with our company. Do not even waste our time if you are addicted to chemical substances please. We have a zero-tolerance policy.


*Must be able and willing to learn and FOLLOW DIRECTIONS. That one's a biggie.


*Must be able and willing to work hard for long hours- for several weeks straight, in hot, dry, smoky and dusty conditions with occasionally little access to showers, real toilets, or convenience stores with tobacco and junk food. At the minimum when fighting fire- food, water, a bush to piss behind, and a place to throw out a tent will always be provided to you. We want workers- not just bodies to fill seats- so we need individuals who are capable of and willing to work hard, under stress, with a good attitude.


*You must have a valid drivers license.


*You will have to provide your own fire boots (leather, 8 inch height, no steel toe), tent, sleeping bag, and any other supplies for long duration camping. We provide everything needed for work like nomex (fire clothes), tools, fire pack, fire shelter, helmets, gloves, tools, etc.


*You must be 18 years old or older with two forms of identification to fill out the federal I-9 form (photo ID and social security card, birth certificate, or other qualifying form of ID).


To become a firefighter with us, you'll be expected to be able to perform the following process and complete the associated requirements prior to employment (hired on first-come first serve process – there is no current closing date for this process). Information on where to send your resume/cover letter can be found at the bottom:


1. Follow the instructions for this process. We are looking for individuals who follow directions.


2. Submit a completed application ( ) and your tailored resume with any and all certificates, qualifications, red-cards, and other experience/education/volunteer service you have that can relate to general firefighting, following direction, working as a group to accomplish tasks, and any other labor type work. If you're fresh out of high school, currently enrolled in college or graduated, we want to know a little about your grades, area of study, and GPA. You do NOT need to provide any sensitive information such as social security numbers at this point. We are only asking for your experience, education, and contact information in this initial resume stage.


3. With your completed application, we would like your resume with a one page cover letter explaining why you want to fight fires on an engine, what skills you can bring to the table, and a genuine description of any criminal convictions that might arise in your background check. A conviction does not automatically disqualify you. As many people in the real world understand, sometimes 'life' happens. Just tell us about it. Lying about convictions however, will automatically disqualify an applicant.


4. Once we have reviewed your resume and cover letter, we will notify you by phone or email within 72 hours about your pending status. If we like what we see, we will be in contact with you by phone to proceed with our official application process at which point we will perform a thorough criminal records background check, fire records and certificates verification, and contacting of your references. We will need three references with at least one professional reference.


*You must complete and send the application, your resume, and cover letter to be considered by our team. We will not accept applicants who fail this initial requirement.


After you have made it though these steps, we will contact you with the dates available for class training. If you provide your own class certification for 2019, that will be accepted. We've covered the process and expectations, so here's where to send your application documents:

Send your application, resume, and cover letter via email with “Fire Application” in the subject line to


Please make sure to attach your documents in PDF format (multiple files are fine).


If you have any further questions, please send those to

or call 541-948-9300


Fire season is almost here, so please don't hesitate to send us your resume and cover letter ASAP. We look forward to adding you to our team!

Downloadable PDF Employment Application
Once you are accepted to move onto the official application stage, you will download this employment application, fill it out, and email it back to us.
Fire Job Application.pdf
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